Who and what define significance and meaning? Growing up in Paris, Bill Edgar developed three passions, each of which provided skills and confidence which would be tested when he entered Harvard in 1962. Those three were French literature, soccer, and music. His agnostic quest for reality, authenticity and meaning through his favorite existentialists, Sartre and Camus, was coolly received by his instructors of advanced French literature. His first varsity soccer season started out with great promise, but did not end that way. And the freshman who had found a world of meaning in jazz was jolted by a professor who questioned whether any music had meaning. None of these proved devastating and life in Cambridge was stimulating, but something was missing. What was it? Clues came from a Gen Ed humanities course at Harvard, a Christian professor, and from L’Abri-an extraordinary community in Switzerland. There, he and many students of the 1960’s discovered a view of human existence which was realistic but hopeful, fresh yet timeless.