Wake Forest University

Falling Short and Becoming a Better Person

April 5, 2018 at 8:00pm / Pugh Auditorium

Insights from Psychology, Philosophy, and Christianity

Wake Forest University

Many of us would give increasingly severe electric shocks to a test taker for each wrong answer, all the way up to the XXX lethal level. And like the shoppers in a Target store in West Virginia, we may not stop on Black Friday to help someone like Walter Vance even though he had collapsed to the ground. We may even join some of those shoppers in stepping over his body! We already know that we often fall short of the virtuous people we are supposed to be, and results from psychology confirm this. So what if anything can we do to try to become better people, both during our time at Wake Forest and throughout the rest of our lives? This talk will suggest some answers by drawing on insights from psychology, philosophy, and the Christian religion.


Christian Miller

Professor of Philosophy

Wake Forest
Wake Forest University