University of Tennessee

Christianity and Anti-Semitism

February 27, 2020 at6:00pm /St. John XXIII Catholic Parish, UT Campus

UT Academics and Campus Pastors Wrestle with the Church’s Ancient Sin

University of Tennessee

Christianity and Anti-Semitism: UT Academics and Campus Pastors Wrestle with the Church’s Ancient Sin

In the wake of the April 2019 synagogue shooting in San Diego, members of the UT's department of Religious Studies approached Veritas US about starting an intramural dialogue with campus ministers on the historical, social, and theological origins of anti-Semitism.

Since then, this novel partnership of academics and ministers has been grappling with the origins of anti-Jewish bias and how to combat it from within the Christian community.

You are cordially invited to join us in this timely and crucial discussion.

Featured Presenters
Dr. Teresa Hooper
Dr. Erin Darby
Dr. David Kline

Dialogue Partners
Steve Moldrup: Co-Director, Collegiate Abbey, University of Tennessee
Rodney Norvell: Director, Baptist Collegiate Ministries, University of Tennessee
Andrew Swann: Senior, Religious Studies and Philosophy, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, University of Tennessee

Veritas UT is a coalition of Christian campus ministries promoting thoughtful consideration of things that matter the most.


Erin Darby

Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible, Early Judaism

University of Tennessee

David Kline

Lecturer, Department of Religious Studies

University of Tennessee
University of Tennessee