University of Tennessee

Fact vs. Value

March 1, 2018 at 6:00 PM / St John XXIII Catholic Center, UT Knoxville Campus

Exploring the Limits of Pure Objectivity in Science

University of Tennessee

"It is a popular belief that science is an objective, value-free discipline. According to this view, part of the explanatory power of the scientific method is that it is uncorrupted by the messy, value-laden features of our lives. This aspect of science is sometimes thought to track the so-called fact/value divide and insofar as scientists study facts they must be unconcerned with values. Recent work by feminist philosophers of science, however, has challenged this claim. In tonight's Veritas conversation Elise Crull and David Frank will discuss the relationship (or lack thereof) between fact, value, and science. They will explore to what extent seeing science as value-laden raises challenges for our current conception of science or changes our estimation of its importance. Finally, they will consider to what extent theological values might have a justified part to play in the methodology of scientists and scientific interpretation."

Luncheon with Elise: "Advice to Young Christian Academics: Taking our Work to the Public." Friday, March 2, 12PM at UTK Tyson House Lutheran/Episcopal Center. Call 865.558.5773 for reservations ($3)


Elise Crull

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

City College of New York

David Frank

Lecturer of Philosophy and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

The University of Tennessee at Knoxville
University of Tennessee