University of Washington

In _____ We Trust: Finding Where Division Ends and Unity Begins

January 26, 2017 at8:00 PM /Kane Hall, Room 130

University of Washington

The Veritas Forum at University of Washington is excited to present our 2017 Forum entitled "In _________ We Trust. Finding Where Division Ends and Where Unity Begins." Join us in conversation as we explore the intersection between faith and politics in today’s culture through the world views of atheist and Christian professors of political science. Institutional trust is in decline. The United States is growing increasingly paralyzed. From the perspectives of a secular humanist atheist and a Christian studying the decisive subjects of religion and race, the Veritas Forum at the University of Washington 2017 seeks to address these trends head on. What, if anything, can people put their trust in? When does division end and unity begin? Join us, as we search together.

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Andra Gillespie

Associate Professor of Political Science

Emory University

Mark Smith

Professor of Political Science

University of Washington

James Wellman

Professor of American Religion, Culture and Politics

University of Washington
University of Washington