Stevens Institute of Technology

Souls or Selfish Genes?

April 3, 2019 at8:00pm /K228 - Stevens Institute of Technology

Stevens Institute of Technology

Souls or Selfish Genes?

April 3rd at 8:00pm in K228

Free pizza will be provided

A conversation featuring professors:

John Horgan, Director Center for Scientific Writing, Stevens

David Lahti, Professor of Evolutionary Biology and Philosophy, City University of New York.

Moderated by: Professor Kevin Ryan - Stevens

The question, "how does the brain make a mind?" leads to the larger question of what we are, can be and should be? Religions have traditionally been our major source of answers to this question--we are children of God, immortal souls subject to karmic justice, and so on--but science offers us many alternative answers. We are bundles of selfish genes, or neurons and neurotransmitters, or libidinous ids, or patterns of information, or software programs.

Join us for dinner and conversation around these important and timeless questions of what makes us human in a scientific age.

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John Horgan

Science Journalist & Director of the Center for Science Writings

Stevens Institute of Technology

David Lahti

Associate Professor, Biology

Queens College
Stevens Institute of Technology