Ohio State University

Living and Dying Well

September 6, 2018 at 7pm / U.S. Bank Conference Theater

Ohio State University

We will all die, yet death and the process of dying are taboo topics in our culture. In fact, many people face death without ever fully considering how they would like to die (i.e., in hospice, at home, on pain meds, etc.), or even more importantly how to live in light of their own mortality. How should we live knowing that we will one day die? Can we prepare for death? Are there “ethical” or “unethical” ways to die? What is (or should be) the goal of medicine when treating patients at the end of life? Our goal is to facilitate a bold, candid conversation on life and death that weaves together insights from a diverse set of disciplines – medicine, theology, philosophy, ethics, and law – and viewpoints – secular and Christian.


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Ray Barfield

Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Duke School of Medicine; Associate Professor of Christian Philosophy

Duke Divinity School

Lydia Dugdale

Associate Professor Term; Associate Director, Program for Biomedical Ethics; Co-Director, Yale Program for Medicine, Spirituality, and Religion

Yale University

Alua Arthur


Going With Grace
Ohio State University