North Carolina State University

Hope in the Current Age

March 5, 2020 at8:00pm /The McKimmon Center, NCSU

A Conversation on Christianity & Islam

North Carolina State University

We are living in a time of unprecedented division and distrust in our society. Hate crimes are on the rise. Places of worship are targets of violence. Religious freedom for people of all faiths is under threat. Even worse, friendship between faith groups is rare. Is there hope for a better future, when strangers and enemies might become neighbors? Where does this hope come from?

At this historic forum, two of the most significant religious leaders of our time, Pastor J.D. Greear and Imam Omar Suleiman, will share their perspectives and dialogue on why they hope in our current age.

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J.D. Greear

Pastor; President

The Summit Church; Southern Baptist Convention

Imam Omar Suleiman

President & Founder; Professor

Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research; Southern Methodist University

Kevin Singer

Co-Founder & Director

Neighborly Faith
North Carolina State University