Harvard Medical School

AI and the Soul of Medicine

March 8, 2021 at6:30pm ET, 5:30pm CT /Zoom Webinar

Is the Healing Touch Necessarily Human Touch?

Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School and the Mayo Clinic invite you to a joint Veritas Forum on AI and the soul of medicine. Advancements in AI have demonstrated utility in many spheres of our lives, but its precise role in the future of healthcare is still unclear.

Current trends in AI and medicine are met with equal parts skepticism and optimism, and this conversation seeks to explore the present and future role of AI in facilitating patient-centered care. How will AI influence the soul of medicine? Does human touch play a unique role in emotional and physical connection? How will AI shape diagnosis and treatment? Can AI contribute to human flourishing? How will AI influence bias in modern healthcare?

Dr. Eric Topol (Scripps Research), Dr. Roz Picard (MIT Media Lab), and Dr. Jon Tilburt (Mayo Clinic) will be in conversation with moderator Caroline Chen (Propublica) about the role of AI in the future of healthcare on Monday, March 8.

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Eric Topol

Physician-Scientist, Author, Editor

Scripps Research Translational Institute

Rosalind Picard

Founder and Director of the Affective Computing Research Group


Jon Tilburt

Professor of Medicine and Biomedical Ethics

Mayo Clinic

Caroline Chen

Health Care Reporter

Harvard Medical School