Cornell University

The Elusive Pursuit of Truth: True Life, True God(s), True Purpose?

March 16, 2016 at 6:30pm / Statler Auditorium

Two science professors from different faith backgrounds discuss their worldviews in the context of a pluralistic society.

Cornell University

Is there any ultimate truth? Is faith simply a product of culture? How can I find meaning and purpose in my life? Is there truth beyond science? Duke professor, Ehsan Samei, and Cornell professor, Sandip Tiwari, will bring their personal and professional perspectives to the question of truth in a pluralistic world, in a discussion moderated by Cornell professor, Rosemary Avery.

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Ehsan Samei

Professor of Radiology, Medical Physics, Biomedical Eng, Electrical Eng, and Computer Eng

Duke University

Sandip Tiwari

Professor of Engineering

Cornell University

Rosemary Avery

Professor of Human Ecology

Cornell University
Cornell University