California Institute of Technology

What Does Human Progress Mean?

April 12, 2018 at7:00pm /Beckman Institute Auditorium

A conversation at the intersection of technology, science, and philosophy

California Institute of Technology

Human progress is often driven by innovations in science and technology, more pronounced than ever in our current digital era. These advances rapidly transform our society and warrant leaders in all fields, including STEM, industry, and finance, to think critically about how science and technology shape progress and development. This year, the Veritas Forum at Caltech will consider "What does human progress mean?". Featuring Dr. Alana Ackerson, a finance leader and entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley, and Dr. Christopher Hitchcock, Professor of Philosophy from Caltech, we will explore this enduring question through the lens of technology, science, and philosophy. The Forum will focus on how the next generation of leaders can think about implementing technology in a way that allows for true human progress. The Forum will consist of short presentations, a moderated discussion between Dr. Ackerson and Professor Hitchcock, and an open Q&A session with audience members. We value your input for the discussion and invite you to submit your questions prior to the Forum via this link. Light refreshments will be served at the end of the Forum. Click here for the form for students to submit questions before the Forum.

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Alana Ackerson

Senior Fellow

Newbigin House

Christopher Hitchcock

J. O. and Juliette Koepfli Professor of Philosophy

California Institute of Technology
California Institute of Technology