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Understanding the Anger

March 15, 2017 at 7:00 PM / MacMillan 117

A Christian and a Secularist Discuss Racial Inequality, Faith, and Identity.

Brown University

Racial injustice stretches back to the origins of our country and is reflected continually in current news reports and Facebook feeds. It ranges from structural issues of law, economy, and society on the one hand, to horrific personal situations like the shooting of 13 black people in a prayer meeting in South Carolina on the other hand. The history of Christianity in the United States is tied both to the support of and opposition to racism. We will discuss such critical, present-day matters as these. They are not abstract ideas, they are concrete realities that shape us personally and as a society.

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Daniel Kim

Associate Professor of English and American Studies

Brown University

Andra Gillespie

Associate Professor of Political Science

Emory University

Françoise N. Hamlin

Associate Professor of Africana Studies and History

Brown University
Brown University