Social Media and Community Manager

We’re looking for a creative, social-obsessed individual to take control of our online voice and build brand awareness and loyalty. The Social Media and Community Manager will be the first point of contact for our online fans and followers as well as the builder, organizer, facilitator, and cheerleader of our behind-the-scenes “super-participant” community—that is, our most treasured, creative, and clever student media partners.

We believe this role will place you in a high-energy environment with some of the most talented individuals in the industry, where you’ll be inspired to use your gifts to start conversations that matter all over the world alongside some of the most interesting people we know—from world-class faculty to forward-thinking students. Although Veritas was founded in 1992, we operate like a scrappy startup trying to solve difficult problems, sprint quickly, and scale globally.

We want you to imagine what you could do here. At Veritas, new ideas have a way of becoming extraordinary programs quickly. We need a Social Media and Community Manager who loves to think big and strategically but who also loves to be in the trenches. This is a role for someone who wants to help create something big and important for the world and who isn’t phased by the amount of work it’s going to take.

What You’ll Do

– Develop social media campaigns that grow our community. You’ll follow the latest trends and think creatively about online affiliation and engagement.
– Plan, write, and publish all social media updates across our networks. You’ll make sure our social presence reflects our brand, voice, and values.
– Build, organize, facilitate, and cheer on our behind-the-scenes “super-participant” community via Slack (or an equivalent). You’ll help them accomplish their own goals, know how to get them talking, welcome new members (e.g., swag), and more. Eventually, you’ll also inspire them to action with Veritas in meaningful ways.
– Be superbly responsive. You’ll work closely with our team and campus partners to ensure that our content is accurate, timely, and trusted.
– Collaborate with the Media team. Alongside the Media team, you’ll plan strategic content development, propose new and original ideas for timely and relevant content, and learn what types of content do well on different social media platforms.
– Use data to inform our social media strategy. You’ll know and track the right metrics, analyze what works, adjust where necessary, and share your findings.
– Embrace an entrepreneurial mindset. You’ll be a self-motivated self-starter who comes up with new ideas, seeks to solve problems, takes risks, and tests solutions.
– Be a team player. Serve colleagues and their program areas (e.g., Forums, Augustine Collective, Development, Riff, etc.) with a positive, proactive, problem-solving attitude, and complete additional duties as identified and assigned.
– Challenge assumptions. You’ll ask questions to understand a perspective and are comfortable respectfully challenging assumptions. You’re not turned off by constructive conflict to get to the right answer.
– Own your outcomes. You’ll set clear, ambitious goals, anticipate obstacles, persevere, and hold yourself accountable for your commitments.
– Get better every day. You’ll welcome the gift of feedback, never settle in your quest to grow and develop, and make our organization stronger.

What You’ll Bring

– 3+ years experience managing social media for a brand, company, or organization
– A passion for Christ grounded in the regular disciplines of Bible study, prayer, and fellowship with other believers in the context of a local church, and a mature and growing faith evidenced by the fruit of the Spirit in your life
– Proficiency in all relevant social media platforms (e.g., Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
– A highly organized and dogged approach to create and produce social content
– A portfolio that demonstrates an instinct for “speaking social”—for creating compelling, inventive, and engaging native social content
– The perspective of a voracious learner who loves asking big questions, embraces curiosity, and (preferably) is well-versed in philosophy
– An ability to adapt well in changing situations and environments
– Familiarity with using data to guide a strategy
– A “just figure things out” attitude that invents ideas to accomplish our objectives
– Exceptional communication skills (oral and written), especially in 140-280 characters
– An ability to multitask and prioritize ruthlessly

Other Information

– This role reports to the VP of Veritas Media, Bethany Jenkins, and is based in NYC.
– Compensation is commensurate with experience.
– Please send your resume and cover letter to Your cover letter should tell us why you’re a great fit for Veritas and why Veritas is a great fit for you, as well as any links to relevant social media accounts you own and/or have run.

About Veritas

The Veritas Forum is a fast-growing, strategic ministry that partners with Christian thought leaders, professors, and campus ministries to engage universities and the broader public square with life’s most important questions. Since its first Forum at Harvard in 1992, Veritas Forums have emerged 0n more than 200 universities around the world, engaging more than 800,000 students, faculty, and community members.

Additionally, Veritas has recently launched several new initiatives—Veritas Hours (late night dorm conversations on worldview), Veritas Academy (a pre-college retreat for incoming freshmen), The Augustine Collective (Christian student-led thought journals), Veritas Fellows (a professional development program for campus pastors), Riff (a public-engagement training program for faculty), and more.

About Veritas Media

We extend our impact through online resources and publishing—producing video and podcast content, cultivating a website, publishing books through our InterVarsity Press imprint, and curating other content and media for internal and external purposes.

Our YouTube channel has 92,000 subscribers and over 5.6 million views annually; our website attracts over 515,000 views annually; and our podcast ranks among the top 10% in terms of average downloads. Our weekly newsletter reaches over 10,000 subscribers. We believe this represents a small fraction of our potential.