What is happening in our world as I understand it as that we are being offered a story. And every person is interested in a story into which they can fit their lives. The story of the origins of the universe way back – why does that fascinate us? Because our past determines our identity. A person without a past – who has amnesia – doesn’t know who they are. And so our book shops are filled with books attempting to explain who we are in terms only of the basic material of the universe: that’s materialism. And there’s a great fascination with this, because people are interested in whether its true or not.

Against that, there’s the other story, that says that matter and energy is not all that exists: there is transcendence, there is a God who created it. And I tend to believe with Augustin that, granted, there is a God-shaped space in our hearts, and we have that sense of longing, that there must be something more.

And it’s there I think that many contemporary people and many university students are at: Is there something more than a pure, materialistic explanation of the universe?

This clip is from John Lennox’ incredible dialogue with UCLA Law Professor, Professor Daniel Lowenstein on “Christianity and the Tooth Fairy” at The Veritas Forum at UCLA. Watch the full recording here!