Ari Goldman’s best-selling book,The Search for God at Harvard, chronicled his search for signs of genuine religious faith at Harvard Divinity School. He concluded that God was not very evident at the prestigious Ivy League campus.  Finding God at Harvard reveals a different picture of Christian faith in a secular intellectual setting. Kelly Monroe presents the compelling testimonies of forty-two faculty members, former students, and distinguished orators at Harvard. Their candid reflections explode the myth that Christian faith cannot survive a rigorous intellectual atmosphere.

Finding God at Harvard speaks to the emptiness that haunts college campuses across the country–an emptiness that only Truth can fill. As Monroe’s contributors so vividly show, that Truth is available to everyone.

With contributions from Robert Coles, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Armand Nicholi, Nicholas Wolterstorff, Lamin Sanneh, Elizabeth Dole, Owen Gingerich and Mother Teresa.

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