Does uncertainty challenge your beliefs? Harvard dean, Rakesh Khurana, questions Stanford professor, Charles Lee, at The Veritas Forum at Harvard, 2014.

Rakesh Khurana: You’re a behavioral economist. You study the realm between the psychological and the rational. And you just brought up the question about uncertainty. Does uncertainty ever confront you in your everyday life in ways that cause you to challenge some of your beliefs?

Charles Lee: On a sunny day, I am very grateful for the sun. On a cloudy day, I want to tell myself the sun is still there. And on cloudy days, it is harder to be as certain that the sun is still there. And in our human journey, there are many days when things seem cloudy. Faith is, in fact, making an assertion. Faith is not the absence of doubt. Faith is a conviction of something that is unseen. So that is the reality is, that is part of it. But I would make the observation that all really important worldviews require you to take a faith stance. In other words, we are all hearing music. You might as well think about what music you are hearing because you’re dancing to it. I happen to think Christianity is very specific about the tune. Other faiths may also be very specific. But we should talk about where those specificities differ.