University of Tennessee
Thursday, March 3, 2016

Faith, Hope, Love and Climate Change

March 3, 2016 at 7:00 pm
McClung Auditorium

Join us again for an Advice to Young Christian Academics Luncheon on March 4 at 12:00 pm




About the Presenters
Professor of Biology, Gordon College
Dr. Dorothy Boorse joined the Gordon Faculty in January, 1999. Her primary research and teaching interests are in aquatic community ecology, and invasive species, and her biological research focus is on vernal pools. She spends a great deal of time connecting science to non-scientists and looking at ways science and faith integrate, particularly in the area of environmental ethics. Dr. Boorse is the advisor for the student group, Advocates for A Sustainable Future, and is the AuSable Institute of Environmental Studies representative at Gordon. She also represents Gordon to the Marine Studies Consortium and AASHE, the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. Dr. Boorse is an author of Environmental Science: Toward a Sustainable Future, a major college text published by Pearson. Dr. Boorse was a fellow of the Center for Christian Studies from 2005-2006 and received the Distinguished Junior Faculty Award at Gordon College in 2002. She has a strong interest in mentoring women in science as well as increasing women and minorities in science.
Professor of Environmental Ethics, Univeristy of Tennessee - Knoxville
John Nolt is Professor and Co-head of the Philosophy Department at the University of Tennessee and a Research Fellow in the Energy and Environment Program of the Howard H. Baker, Jr. Center for Public Policy.  His interests include environmental ethics, intergenerational ethics, climate ethics, formal value theory, and philosophical logic.  He has published seven books in these areas—most recently Environmental Ethics for the Long Term (Routledge 2015).  He is currently writing two more. The second of which, An Ethic of Life, aims to provide a foundational account of biocentric ethics. Dr. Nolt is a long-time environmental activist, and for over a decade he has chaired UT’s Committee on the Campus Environment, which advises the campus administration on environmental matters. His wife, Annette Mendola, is also a philosopher and Director of Clinical Ethics at UT Medical Center and an Assistant Professor in UT’s Graduate School of Medicine. Between them they have three children. In an effort to live sustainably, they grow much of their own food in organic gardens at their home, dry their clothes on a line and don’t use air conditioning.
History at University of Tennessee

In November 2015, The Veritas Forum invited Dr. Marina McCoy and Dr. J. Clerk Shaw to discuss "Vulnerability and Virtue: comfort, misfortune, and the good death."

In March of 2015, The Veritas Forum as the University of Tennessee hosted a conversation between Wheaton’s John Walton and Erin Darby on “Reading the Old Testament: the origins and authority of Scripture.”  The workshop was proceeded the day before by a luncheon in which Dr. Walton offered “Advice to Young Christian Academics.”  

In spring of 2014, the University of Tennessee explored questions related to science and faith at their Veritas Forum.  They invited Jeffrey Schloss and Andrew Kramer to discuss "The Believing Neanderthal: A Conversation on Evolution, Faith and Human uniqueness". 

In 2013, The Veritas Forum at the University of Tennessee welcomed Marla Frederick, from Harvard University, to discuss church, justice and American life with UTK Professor Mark Hulsether, at "We've Come This Far By Faith".