Our consciousness and our self-awareness create the illusion that we are more than our biology, but is it just an illusion? Watch this video to hear from professors with beliefs spanning from Christian to atheist and expertise ranging from genetics to robotics.

Presenters (in order of appearance):

Charmaine Royal | Associate Professor of African & African American Studies and Genome Sciences & Policy, Duke

Alan Lightman | Professor of the Practice of the Humanities, MIT

Ian Hutchinson | Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering, MIT

Roald Hoffmann | Nobel Prize Winning Chemist,Professor of Humane Letters, Cornell

Ivana Nikolic Hughes |Director of Frontiers of Science and Senior Lecturer in Discipline in the Department of Chemistry, Columbia

Ard Louis | Professor of Theoretical Physics, Oxford

Sean Carroll | Theoretical Cosmologist, CalTech

Kenneth Miller | Professor of Biology, Brown

Rosalind Picard | Director of Affective Computing Research, Professor of Media Arts and Sciences, MIT

Praveen Sethupathy | Assistant Professor of Genetics, UNC


The limits of science in the search for identity