Since 2013, under the leadership of David Hobbet, Veritas has significantly expanded its work thanks to many of you—our student, faculty, campus ministry, and funding partners.

In 2016, Veritas adopted the Augustine Collective, a network of student-led Christian thought journals with over 450 student writers on 27 campuses.

Its online content has over 3.1 million views annually and, in 2017, Veritas launched a podcast that ranks in the top 10% of all podcasts.

Veritas continues to support its affiliated scholars and speakers. In the past year, one gave a TED talk, another launched an academic center, and another published a book on science and miracles.

In Asia, Veritas supports faculty in three countries, recently launching Forums in South Korea. The first Forum in Singapore will take place this fall.

Also, since 2013, Veritas’s annual funding has doubled, making possible these program expansions.

Continuity of Leadership

Recently, David and his family felt God’s call to return to their longtime home in the Pacific Northwest, which necessitates a transition away from serving as the executive director of The Veritas Forum.

“As a Board, we are thankful for David’s faithful leadership and stewardship of the Veritas mission,” reflected Board Chair Kurt Keilhacker. “For six years, he led Veritas though significant program innovation and expansion while building a remarkable team and foundation for future growth.”

The Board has named Andrew Schuman, who has served as director of Veritas Labs since 2016, as the next executive director to build on the momentum generated under David’s leadership.

“Leading Veritas and stewarding our mission has been one of the greatest honors of my life,” David shared. “I will miss working day in and day out with our remarkable partners, staff, and board. Knowing God has called Andrew to lead Veritas gives me great joy. I look forward to supporting him and Veritas in the years ahead.”

“We believe God has prepared Andrew for this role for many years,” Kurt affirmed. “He is the son of lifelong Cru campus ministers and has a decade-long career of faithful, entrepreneurial ministry leadership. Andrew understands the opportunities for and challenges of serving universities, faculty, and students, and he possesses the keen intellect, humble spirit, proven leadership, and godly character to lead Veritas to meet those needs.”

Prior to Veritas, Andrew was the founding director of the Eleazar Wheelock Society at Dartmouth, the co-founder of the Augustine Collective, and helped launch the Life Worth Living initiative at the Yale Center for Faith and Culture. He received his MBA/MAR from Yale and his BA from Dartmouth, where he founded The Dartmouth Apologia.

“I have met a handful of Christian leaders in my life who combine intellectual and spiritual maturity with entrepreneurial instincts in genuinely astonishing ways. Andrew is one of those leaders,” said Andy Crouch, author of Culture Making and partner at Praxis. “He is an ideal leader for Veritas in its next season.”

David Hobbet and Andrew Schuman

A New Generation

The generation now in college is known as iGen or Gen Z. Not only are they digital natives, they—“more than any other living generation”—are “disconnecting completely from religion, spirituality, and the larger questions of life,” says psychologist Jean Twenge.

“Andrew is the perfect person to lead Veritas because his story is an iGen story,” noted Bethany Jenkins, vice president of forums and content at Veritas. “As a student, he didn’t find Christianity intellectually plausible until he met an Oxford-trained professor who read C.S. Lewis and went to church. That led him on a journey—from Exeter to Dartmouth to Yale—of discovering the beauty and credibility of the Christian faith.”

Andrew’s track record reflects a deep understanding of the needs and gifts of the university community, and he views its spiritual landscape as a great opportunity.

“Since the first Forum in 1992, Veritas has adapted to meet the needs of different generations of college students,” Andrew said. “We now live in a time when many people are beginning to question our fundamental assumptions. I cannot imagine another organization better positioned to engage the leading ideas of our day with the Christian faith.”

On July 1, 2019, Andrew will become executive director, and David will continue to serve Veritas through the end of the year as executive director emeritus.

Andrew Schuman at a recent Augustine Collective conference


About Veritas

The Veritas Forum is a fast-growing, strategic ministry that partners with Christian thought leaders, students, professors, and campus ministries to engage universities and the broader public square with life’s most important questions. Since its first Forum at Harvard in 1992, more than 7,500 students and partners have hosted almost 1,500 Veritas Forums with more than 800,000 participants on over 200 campuses in 11 countries.