On Valentine’s Day, we celebrate both the human capacity and the human need for love. Despite our illusions of self-sufficiency and unshakable rationality, we are creatures hopelessly driven by love.  In the name of love, we humiliate ourselves, we risk our well-being, and we pursue profound connection with one another.

But what lies at the core of our quest for love—this mysterious longing that none of us can escape?  Read below to see how seven top Christian scholars have come to understand this messy thing called love!

1. Love and peace

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Watch this 2 min clip from John Lennox on “Is there something more to the universe?

2. Love across difference

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Read this article by Nancy Hill on “Can we have Martin Luther King’s dream without his faith?

3. Love without conditions


Read this Quanta Magazine article by Francis Su on “Mathematics and the Best Life.”

4. Love in the details

meghan sully

Watch this talk by Meghan Sullivan on “Is belief in God irrational?

5. Love and the universe


Watch this 1.5min clip of Daniel Hastings sharing his worldview at MIT.

6. Love and forgiveness

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Watch this 7 min talk by Bill Tate on “Race, faith and empathy.”

7. Love and mathematics


Watch this 3 min clip of Satyan Devadoss on “Why I find the mess of the Christian faith compelling.”

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